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::Emmerson:: Early Christmas Gift

Posted 2018-12-20 16:16:23
B and I got early holiday gifts. B got a kit full of all sorts of insects. I love holding the millipedes! The bess beetles are my favorite. I love listening to them talk. We also got luna moth cocoons. Checking out the habitat. Notice the beetle just wandering around on my hand. 

::Breighton:: Early Christmas Gifts

Posted 2018-12-20 16:09:35
Both E and I asked for some insects for Christmas. I got the Life in a Rotting Log kit from Carolina biological. It came with an assortment of critters The millipedes are HUGE. The bess beetles lake 14 different sounds! WOW! I worked on my insectathon art project. More beetles came. We also have mealworms, super works, crickets and pillbugs. Oh and luna moth cocoons! One of the beetles came slightly damaged so they sent us [...]