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::Emmerson:: Welcome Blue and Butterscotch(cup)

Posted 2019-03-04 20:48:05
We went to Repliconand came home with hamsters! I adopted 2 Campbells/winter white hybrid dwarf hamsters. They are both male. WE HOPE!  They are so amazingly calm and loving.  This is just a temp cage for them. We have larger cages coming in the mail in two days. I mad a huge maze for them! I am also building some ramps for them to get to the second level in the new cages.

::Emmerson:: 4-H Madness

Posted 2019-03-01 20:35:33
This week we had archery club and then the kick off for the Forest Ecology Team. We had a great 1st meeting at Brooker Creek  with Ms. Lara teaching us about different plants and trees.  We did study groups at the end while we cooled off. I helped with Breighton to teach the insect/disease rotation. We also had the State traditional Archery Tournament up in Newberry. I was on fire on the front [...]

::Breighton:: Strep Throat

Posted 2019-03-01 20:28:44
Friday night I came to Mom and said I had a sore throat. She looked and cringed. I made it through the night but woke up early and insisted I go to the walk-in clinic. Mom got an appointment. I fell asleep waiting for the doctor to come in. Strep test was positive, very positive. Guess I will be taking the weekend to recover. I have to be ready for SPC Chem class on Monday! 

::Breighton:: 4-H State Traditional Match

Posted 2019-02-27 20:23:16
I think this is becoming my favorite match each year. I love the traditional bows, nothing fancy allowed. My new bow is sharp and so smooth to shoot with. I am very happy with it. Dad was my lane judge and helped the new kids learn the rules and scoring. In the woods I shot amazingly! I was super happy with my performance. I made a friend and we laughed the entire time. He was very [...]