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::Emmerson:: Welcome Blue and Butterscotch(cup)

Posted 2019-03-04 20:48:05
We went to Repliconand came home with hamsters! I adopted 2 Campbells/winter white hybrid dwarf hamsters. They are both male. WE HOPE!  They are so amazingly calm and loving.  This is just a temp cage for them. We have larger cages coming in the mail in two days. I mad a huge maze for them! I am also building some ramps for them to get to the second level in the new cages.

::Emmerson:: 4-H Madness

Posted 2019-03-01 20:35:33
This week we had archery club and then the kick off for the Forest Ecology Team. We had a great 1st meeting at Brooker Creek  with Ms. Lara teaching us about different plants and trees.  We did study groups at the end while we cooled off. I helped with Breighton to teach the insect/disease rotation. We also had the State traditional Archery Tournament up in Newberry. I was on fire on the front [...]

::Breighton:: Strep Throat

Posted 2019-03-01 20:28:44
Friday night I came to Mom and said I had a sore throat. She looked and cringed. I made it through the night but woke up early and insisted I go to the walk-in clinic. Mom got an appointment. I fell asleep waiting for the doctor to come in. Strep test was positive, very positive. Guess I will be taking the weekend to recover. I have to be ready for SPC Chem class on Monday! 

::Breighton:: 4-H State Traditional Match

Posted 2019-02-27 20:23:16
I think this is becoming my favorite match each year. I love the traditional bows, nothing fancy allowed. My new bow is sharp and so smooth to shoot with. I am very happy with it. Dad was my lane judge and helped the new kids learn the rules and scoring. In the woods I shot amazingly! I was super happy with my performance. I made a friend and we laughed the entire time. He was very [...]

::Breighton:: Brooker Creek Entomology Display

Posted 2019-02-17 12:33:20
E and I, mainly me, have been working for about 8 weeks to make this project some to life. We were offered space to make a display on entomology. The space was HUGE. We were up for the task. I started with soliciting donations and received3 Cornell drawers from Bioquip (2 directly and one form an employee). The University of Florida Dept. Of Entomology reached out with insect donations! This is what the giant wall looked [...]