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::Breighton:: Brooker Creek Entomology Display

Posted 2019-02-17 12:33:20
E and I, mainly me, have been working for about 8 weeks to make this project some to life. We were offered space to make a display on entomology. The space was HUGE. We were up for the task. I started with soliciting donations and received3 Cornell drawers from Bioquip (2 directly and one form an employee). The University of Florida Dept. Of Entomology reached out with insect donations! This is what the giant wall looked [...]

::Breighton:: MarcoInvert Talk at the Extension Office

Posted 2019-02-15 13:07:17
I put together a program for another 4-H club on water quality and insects. We showed off our insect collections and equipment. We brought in a few samples from  the pond outside. After the educational part we took the kids out to the pond and taught them how to dip net for inverts. We found quite a few rather quickly. The kids analized the water quality based on what insect larva they were able to [...]

::Breighton:: State Fair, Bows and More

Posted 2019-02-13 13:00:46
This weekend we went to the Florida State Fair on 4-H day as usual. We arrived early and got our fresh Amish donuts. My tummy was bugging me a little so I only had one. We had a personal tour of the engines area. We learned a lot from the gentleman. Me favorite part of the day is always the insect displays. Eventhough this was an arachnid display for insects, I thought it was hilarious. This was [...]

::Breighton:: FJCL Latin Forum - Regionals

Posted 2019-02-02 12:56:33
Trying something new this year. I signed up for Latin Regionals. I took two tests: phrases, mottoes, quotes and abbreviations and mythology.  The Pledge of Allegiance in Latin. I tried my hand at some of the games too. I enjoyed the discus toss. I made some new friends. I got 3rd in PMAQ. I have opted to attend FJCL Latin States in a few months. I have to study more for that! [...]

::Breighton:: Bat Box for 4-H

Posted 2019-01-30 12:53:32
One of our club members organized the installation of a bat box at the Ochs Property. We dug a massive hole. Made a trench to help get the pole into place. Final touches on the box. Everything in stalled and hopefully over engineered. Time to put it up! Teacmwork! LIFT! In the ground, hold it steady! D poured the concrete base mix. Hold it for a while! It's UP! VICTORY!

::Breighton:: Insectathon 2019 at UF

Posted 2019-01-27 12:48:47
I entered 2 art pieces this year but did not win any awards. Oh well! P and I attended the collection talks to see what we have to do for next year! We also tried out the Linean games contest. Next year we have to compete in this too! E and A swept the Junior arts. Also Junior Specialty collection. P got 3rd in intermediate arts. Junior collection E got 2nd. Missed 1st by one insect! P [...]